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We manufacture Bar turned studs from M6 to M24 in 6g,6h & 2m,, up to 400 mm long. We manufacture the Stud from Grades 4.6 to 10.9 Class . We also provide various thread forms including thread-forming and thread locking. We expertise in Studs required in Axle, Engine &Transmission Assembly.

We can provide Surface treatment as per customer specification i.e.Special Coating ,Diacromate Coating,Trivalent Passivation,Blackodizing& Magenese Phosophating . We also manufacture Special Screws which require spline /special rolling and are required for press fitting. We are also expertise in manufacturing of Breathers.

These components are made as per the Customer Satisfaction i.e. Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment .The minimum quantity required for manufacturing any of the above mentioned component is 20,000 Nos. PA.