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Products | Shafts
We manufacture Shafts either using Carbon Steel or Ally Steel. We use Peeled and Ground Bar to ensure that surface defect such as Streaks and Crack are not there. We also conduct Stringent Test such as Magnetic Particle Inspection, Spark and Spectra to Control and Monitor the quality of input raw material .(As per our Steel Standard) .

These shafts are either Hardened& Tempered or Case Hardened or Induction Hardened from the Strategic Heat Treatment Source, as per the customer specification. Our transmission shafts are developed facilitating requirements and Specifications of Our Customer.

Shafts are available in variety of Diameter (10 mm to 60 mm) and Length (up to 600 mm) .We maintain Stringent Control during Grinding Operation and have dedicated Grinding Cell. The Grinding Process is statistically controlled and monitored. The minimum Quantity required for any Shaft or Customized Shaft is 12000 Nos. PA.