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Infrastructure - Quality Assurance
Given below is a list of IM and TE that are used to ensure quality in every product and component manufactured
  1. Air gauge facility at all working stations
  2. Gauge comparator
  3. Surface finish tester
  4. Linear height 2d m/c
  5. Hardness testing machine
  6. Plunger dial, bore dial, lever dial and inside calipers
  7. Digital micrometers
  8. Magnaflux m/c for crack detection
  9. Digital ph testing m/c
  10. Digital vernier, depth vernier & height vernier
  11. Relation gauges
DUNS Number :-The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS or D-U-N-S is a system developed and regulated by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) which assigns a unique numeric identifier to a single business entity.

This numeric identifier is then referred to as a DUNS number.The DUNS number is a nine-digit number issued by D&B and assigned to each business location in the D&B database having a unique, separate, and distinct operation to businesses for the purpose of identifying them.

The number as issued is random and the digits apparently have no significance as to their issuance. The DUNS number is significant in trade or export to a foreign country, particularly the European belt of nations.